July 24, 2021

Tips for Slimming

Surely you have tried to lose weight on more than one occasion but, finally, you have not succeeded. Or maybe, after a lot of effort, you have managed to lose some weight, but in a short time, you have regained what you lost and even with a few extra grams. Is it always going to be like this? Or is there a technique to lose weight and not regain it later? In this article, we will give you some keys to lose weight effectively.

  • Create an agenda and write down your weight daily and everything that has to do with your diet . It can be in a paper notebook or on an excel sheet. Write down your goal in a concrete way: for example, weigh 58Kg on March 31st. Analyze the time you have and calculate the weight you should have at various points in between. Weigh yourself every day at the same time (throughout the day, at different times, your weight can vary up to 1Kg) and write down your weight. Stay alert throughout the day and if at any time you skip the established diet, also write down how it has been so that you can have a record and know how it affected your plan. When, every day, you record your weight, see if your weight loss plan is progressing according to objectives and, if not, take action.
  • Make your goal public . If you tell your closest circle that you are on a diet and what your goal is, you will find more reason to respect your diet and your commitments. If no one knows, it will be something solely between you and your willpower; But if there are witnesses, you will have more arguments to defend yourself against the temptations to skip your diet.
  • Change your lifestyle . Take advantage of your diet to change your lifestyle. You know that there are certain behaviors that you have (eating after hours, abusing industrial pastries, etc.) that make you fat and do not favor your health. Take advantage of this diet to order those behaviors. By doing so, from now on, you will have subtracted calories and other harmful nutrients from your body that you will not have to burn to maintain or lose weight.
  • Consult a specialist . Especially if your weight loss challenge is considerable or if you suffer from some kind of chronic health problem. It is not worth putting your well-being and your health at risk to lose a few kilos, do you think?
  • Get exercise . Losing weight is not only about controlling what we eat, but also what we burn. In fact, many people manage to lose weight by maintaining their usual diet, but increasing their doses of physical exercise. You are on the weight loss path when you consume more calories than you take in. On the other hand, physical exercise has very beneficial effects on health. To avoid the rebound effect in your diet (regain weight in a short time), incorporate physical exercise into your regular schedule and do not stop when you have finished your diet.
  • Drink lots of water, herbal teas and other liquids . No good diet can limit the amount of water we drink: it would be against our health. There are certain infusions that generate a satiating effect and that will help us control our appetite.
  • Sleep 8 hours . Sleeping for a few hours causes the generation of a hormone that stimulates the appetite and eliminates the feeling of satiety.
  • Make small changes to your diet . Replace whole milk with skimmed milk; Swap the sugar for a calorie-free sweetener. These small changes will help you subtract some calories from your eating plan. Also consider:
    • To start motivating ourselves, it is possible to start by eating smaller plates, so that it gives us the appearance that we have consumed more food, if in case you are hungry, eat fruits.
    • Stop consuming sugary drinks such as those with powder to prepare such as carbonated, inflame and cause you to retain liquids and therefore are not recommended for weight loss  diets. 
    • It is recommended to consume many vegetables preferably cooked as raw, vegetables provide vitamins and minerals and fibers necessary for the proper functioning of the body as well as to avoid constipation.
    • Foods that do not contain fat are recommended in preference to lean proteins such as low-fat cheeses and yogurts, meat that does not contain fat, and skins. To help you  lose weight

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